– A journey of Letting Go

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure- Unknown

Some say that when you’re in a relationship, you become attractive to the world around you. Well, either I never noticed when I was married or divorce had the opposite effect on me. I suddenly became a hot commodity. I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “where yo man at” or some other lame line. It was nice to be considered attractive in all but, even though I was single, I was not ready to mingle.

Hell, the way I was feeling I figured I would be single for the rest of my life. A commitment was not in my vocabulary. While commitment was out, a little something on the side was still an option. After all, a girl still has her needs (and no I don’t just mean sex). I was interested in a friend with benefits. I wasn’t quite sure if these kinds of relationships even existed anymore but, I was willing to try.

One problem though was after 15 years of faithful marriage, I didn’t know the first thing about getting back out in the dating pool. Especially since I technically didn’t want to date. The lame pick up lines didn’t add any inspiration either, So, I prayed.

Yeah, that’s right. I put my “order” in for a friend. I was told that you have to be specific when asking God for something so; I go as specific as I could get. I prayed for a mature, established, God-fearing manly man that respects women and entrepreneurs and don’t mind being just friends. Sounds good right? I thought so too but, God got quite the sense of humor.

After I put my “order” in, it seemed like every senior citizen known to man started hitting on me. God must have seen my disappointment because, soon after that stopped, a troll of young guys started hitting on me. And when I say young, I mean barely legal young. So, I had another talk with God. I told God that I would keep an open mind but, no more senior citizens or barely legals, please. Then it happened. My luck changed.

I was headed into work on what happened to be New Year’s Eve. I decided to stop in a nearby store for snacks when I noticed an older male cleaning his truck in the store parking lot. Thinking, who does that, I dismissed the behavior as odd and proceeded into the store. I came out of the store and he was still waxing away at his truck. He nodded in my direction and said hello.

I politely responded with a hello and that prompted him to walk over and introduced himself. He said he was a single, God fearing man just interested in friendly conversation (yes, he actually said all of that). He came correct (no lame lines) so; I gave him that once over and decided to give him a chance.

He was attractive and appeared to be much older than me but, not a senior citizen. I believe in being upfront and honest so, I gave a quick mother of two in the middle of a divorce not looking for anything more than friendship spill. He was still interested so we exchanged numbers.

I proceeded on my way and not even two minutes later a young man approached me. He was attractive and obviously younger than I but, he didn’t look barely legal. He was full of compliments which had my brown skin flush red from blushing. He asked my name and before answering I asked his age. 24, 11-year difference, not bad for a friend with benefits. I figured it could be fun so, after my “spill”, we exchanged numbers.

My “order” was in and now I had friendly options.

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