– A journey of Letting Go

Life is a series of beginnings not endings-Bernie Siegel

Annoyed. That’s the feeling I would get every time that ratchet alarm clock would go off. I was so annoyed because that blaring sound would always snatch me from my dreams of running a successful paralegal firm. Running from law firm to Courthouse helping to relieve families from the stress and heartache of family law. I dreamt of opening a nonprofit to assist single parents and traveling the world motivating people to follow their dreams. This was the glorious life I lived every night before the alarm clock would bully me out of my dreams and I was sick of it.

It was time to face reality and re-evaluate my situation. Then and there I decided right now was the time. I couldn’t allow my divorce to break me down and keep me there. After all, I am more than a wife. Long before I was labeled anything else, I was named Manosha. This is who I have always been. I was standing in the midst of my sink or swim moment in life and at that very moment, I chose to swim.

The great plot to make me come back began. I turned the bedroom that I shared with my boys into my workshop. The bus I rode to work became my thinking place and my minimum wage job turned into my networking spot. I was determined to rebirth my paralegal firm. A new business deserved a new feel and name. Your Family’s Paralegal. That’s what I do and what the business embodied so, that’s what I named the firm. I hit the ground running. The excitement of entrepreneurship began to pump through my veins again.

Although I had successfully created a business before, starting overcame with some great challenges. My last paralegal firm was still fairly new when I dismantled it but, it had started to generate a buzz in the legal community. Closing the door just when I was reaching my stride caused a grey cloud to form over my name. So, the first thing I had to do was branding damage control. I had to rebuild trust in my ability to be who I called myself to be and that was the best family law paralegal in the field.

Branding damage control had to be first on the list. It was no good to push a business that was owned by someone that appeared to be flaky.  Even though I wanted to forget about it, I still had my divorce to deal with at the same time. The best thing for me to do was to sit down and write out my master plan. My master plan consisted of step-by-step goals and due dates. My goals were to re-brand myself, revamp all things dealing with my paralegal firm, finish off my divorce and work on my children and my living situation. Having a written goal orientated master plan allowed me to visually see my progress, stay on track and stay motivated.

My kids must’ve seen a light come on inside of me because they were excited to assist in any way they could. Everywhere I went people would say, “Girl you are glowing”.  I was glowing alright. Glowing from finally waking up from my dreams and creating a new reality.  With my master plan in hand, I was back to business again.

2 thoughts on “Back To Business

  1. Yes!!! Went from tradgedy to triumphet. We ourselves are our first line of support and motivation. I love how you did not allow the unfortunate events that transpired in your life stop you from visualizing your dreams, setting goals and concurring them. And now you can be a testiment and give support to others that may feel like you once did. You Go girl and keep bossing up!

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    1. Thank you. That moment of clarity is part of the reason I went on to be become a New Beginning Relationship Coach. I aim to inspire others to wake up from their dreams to create their new reality.


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