Looking Ahead

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead-J.R.R. Tolkien


So, you’ve successfully made it through the grieving process, now what? Now it’s time to G.L.O.W up and gets excited about your future. You get your g.l.o.w on by gaining financial control, learning to strive, owning who you are and willfully moving forward. Let’s walk through the first two steps to the glow up.

G: Gain Financial Control

Going from two incomes to one is rough. One can’t depend on support or assets from the marriage to carry the financial burden for long. It’s also foolish to look to a new partner to help with your finances. It’s up to you to gain control over your finances!

This may require you to re-prioritize your expenses and develop a budget. It can also involve changing jobs, increasing work hours or seeking additional training through school and other programs. In Back To Business, the alarm clock was the catalyst for my g.l.o.w.

I looked around and found myself in a financial rut. So, I looked to my long-term goals of getting my business back up and going. It was a commitment and challenge well worth tackling in order to gain financial control.

L: Learn To Strive

 Life is full of sticks and stones. More often than not, as soon as you catch your stride something is going to come flying in your path to try and knock you down. This is when you will have to learn to strive to survive. By learning to strive you become the victor over your situation.

In Construction Zone, I was faced with one of life’s many sticks and stones. I just started to catch my stride in gaining financial control and then bam! My job pulled the rug from under me. I did not have time to fold and you don’t either. If you can change it then do so, if you can’t, make it work in your favor.

Once you gain financial control and learn to strive you are well on your way to a full g.l.o.w up. Now don’t be fooled. Each step takes some time. I started my journey of gaining financial control in Back To Business but, that was just the start. It was a while before I fully had my finances under control but, starting is sometimes harder than finishing so, tackle the hardest part first and make a commitment to gaining that control. Learning to strive means that you have to go through somethings in order to know how to strive through it so, don’t get discouraged on your journey to the g.l.o.w up.

Your Turn To Reflect

  1. Are you ready to commit to making lifestyle changes to start your g.l.o.w up?
  2. What changes can you make to help you gain financial control?
  3. After your break up/divorce what situation did you have to strive through?

Published by beginagain567

To the Sagittarius sun, I am sage, a natural healer. To the Scorpio moon, I am fire, full of passion. To the Rising Capricorn, I am the phoenix, each life time coming back stronger. To this world, I am Madame Mystic, guide to the awakening of the soul’s journey ~ Namaste

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