Balance of the Sacral Chakra

Located right below the navel is your Sacral Chakra. This is the place where we learn to honor others but, not before we honor ourselves. The Sacral also controls our sexual energy, how we relate to ourselves and others along with creativity. I call this the “pleasure” zone.

Overactive/Blocked Sacral Signs

  • low sex drive
  • lower back pain
  • kidney dysfunction 
  • overly sexual 
  • hyper emotional
  • difficulty changing 
  • fear of commitment
  • lack of fun
  • isolation

Balanced Sacral Signs

  • passion
  • creativity
  • optimistic
  • healthy sex drive

Published by beginagain567

To the Sagittarius sun, I am sage, a natural healer. To the Scorpio moon, I am fire, full of passion. To the Rising Capricorn, I am the phoenix, each life time coming back stronger. To this world, I am Madame Mystic, guide to the awakening of the soul’s journey ~ Namaste

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