Balance of the Third-Eye Chakra

Ajna, “I See”, an another name for the Third-Eye Chakra. This eye is to see in the spiritual world. Intuition is the vision and domain of the Third-Eye which is protected by three Goddesses. Hecate, the Goddess of transformation, Pythia, the Goddess of what might be, and Circe, the Goddess of magic.

Overactive/Blocked Third-Eye Signs


  • headaches
  • sinus issues
  • nightmares
  • eyestrain


  • can’t see “the bigger picture”
  • lack of imagination
  • exaggerated imagination  
  • poor judgement

Balanced Third-Eye Signs

  • intuitive
  • clear thoughts
  • able to see beyond the physical

Published by beginagain567

To the Sagittarius sun, I am sage, a natural healer. To the Scorpio moon, I am fire, full of passion. To the Rising Capricorn, I am the phoenix, each life time coming back stronger. To this world, I am Madame Mystic, guide to the awakening of the soul’s journey ~ Namaste

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