I have always chosen the road less traveled. The grassy and wanted wear paths have always been more appealing to me. So, while the rest of my peers were running to the right, I was skipping to the left. Even though I never ran with the crowd, I still managed to have some meaningful relationships along my journey. Reflecting back on my past, I am able to see how these relationships affected the roads that I chose to travel. Although some of these roads lead to dead ends or altered paths, I was still able to gather lessons from them and manifest a new beginning.

Begin Again….567 blog, is all about the trials and tribulations of starting life over again. I take you through my journey, lessons and reflections that helped me manifest my best life. Through Life & Relationship Coaching, I aim to empower and uplift those that have to rebuild, heal, find their path in life or start over after ending a  relationship with a significant other, family member or coworker. With my coaching,  you will be able to find your right path in life, learn how to recover from setbacks, embrace the healthy relationships in your life while letting go of the bad. Most importantly, you will receive the tools to reflect and manifest your best life. Now, like a dancer’s 8 count, let’s Begin Again !