Through Life & Relationship Coaching, I aim to empower and uplift those that have to rebuild, heal, find their path in life or start over after ending a  relationship with a significant other, family member or coworker. With my coaching,  you will be able to find your right path in life, learn how to recover from setbacks and embrace the healthy relationships in your life while letting go of the bad. Most importantly, you will receive the tools to reflect and manifest your best life. Now, like a dancer’s 8 count, let’s Begin Again !

Reflect & Manifest

1 x 30-minute session, Free

Not sure if you need a Life & Relationship Coach or just need a quick session? Now you can give it a try for free! Every 1st Thursday of the month,  Begin Again….567 is offering a free 30-minute session from 7 PM to 10 PM EST. This is your chance to start your journey of reflecting & manifesting your way to a new beginning. First come first served so book your session today!

Loving Me

6 x 60 minute sessions + 1 x 90-minute session,$150 ($37.50 per month)

The second most important relationship you have in life is the relationship that you have with yourself. How you love yourself will affect every relationship and life decision you make. So accordingly, before you can love anyone or thing else the right way, you have to love yourself. This coaching workshop puts your relationship with yourself into perspective. Use these sessions to fall in love with yourself so you can  love your life and everything in it.

Take the wheel

4 x 60 minutes sessions + 1 90 minutes session, $100 ($50 per month)


Time’s Up

6 x 60 minute sessions + 1 90-minute session, $150 ($37.50 per month)

Most relationships end before anyone ever leaves. Why? Well, when it comes to family or business relationships, some may feel trapped with no escape. In romantic relationships, one may think it is better  for the children if they stay. When it comes to friendships, one may just not be sure if they really want to break the connection.  Whatever your reason may be, this coaching workshop will help you gain clarity, strength and empowerment to get to where you need to go. Even if that means gone.

Keep It Moving

10 x 60 minute sessions + 1 x 90-minute session, $200 ($25 per month)

Guilt, doubt, loneliness and regret are just a few feelings that creep in when you’re trying to move on from a relationship. When these feelings set in and go unchecked, you either go backwards or get emotionally stuck in your feelings. You left now what? This workshop will help you to recognize the strength that lies within to keep pushing forward. I will help you see the forest for the trees instead of being lost in the fog of guilt.

You Got This

2 x 60 minute sessions, $75 (per month, 2 sessions per month)

So, you made it through the hardest part? However, even the strongest people need support from time to time. Book a monthly ongoing workshop. You can start and stop at any time as this workshop only requires a monthly commitment. Get group support and one on one session at your discretion. I know you got this but, we are still here for you.


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